Getting Fit

Being out in the mountains can be hard work for even the fitest people, due to the exercise, the altitude and the weather. To help you enjoy the holiday and reduce the potential for injury, we’d recommend getting fitter by swimming, running, cycling or joining a team sport. Make it fun and give yourself a goal and who knows you may even get into another new sport!

Getting going in walking

If you’ve never been walking in the hills and mountains before, then this will be a really rewarding experience for you! Our holidays are suited to people of all ability and experience but with this in mind, you should make sure you choose to join a walk at the appropriate level for you. Try starting out at something you think will be straightforward for you and build up to something which is a challenge during the week. Walking in the hills is different to being around town with uneven surfaces, slippery surfaces and other obstacles like styles and streams!

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