How would you like to experience life on a farm for a weekend?  

We'll be sleeping in tents, but all meals will be provided and the showers are really hot.  You'll need one, as for much of Saturday and some of Sunday, we'll be helping around the farm with all manner of jobs.  Some of these are a bit mucky and all are hard work, but lots of fun, when done in a group.  

There are a limited number of places, the cost is £30. You'll need to have something to sleep in, on and under! You'll also need to get to Wiltshire.  We may be able to help with the last two items. 

This weekend will run from 13 -15 July 2018.

Contact Info


Call us on 01753 880753


Gold Hill Holidays, Hobbit Hollow, Bull Lane, Gerrards Cross. Bucks. SL9 8RZ