We have a stock of good quality skis, which are included in the price for the week. Once we arrive in resort we will fit these, to suit your size and ski ability. This is why we request personal information on the booking form, so that we can send out the right gear for you!

Twin Tip skis

We have some twin tips which is the latest craze in the snowsports world. They make doing tricks easier and off piste more pleasurable. Ask us about upgrading your skis, ticking the box on the booking form or asking us whether we’ll have some to hire in resort. Where there are enough people, we can provide more twin tip focused lessons, to enhance your enjoyment of these exciting skis!


Snowboarding is an exciting alternative to skiing with a cooler outlook on life in a ski resort! We offer lessons on selected weeks where enough people want to give it a go or improve their existing skills. We are changing our stock of boards with alpine bindings (which combine with our ski boots to give a firm ride, ideal for cruising the pistes at higher speeds with greater control) to those with soft bindings (which need softer boots and are ideal for those who want to spend most of their time in the park or powder). As this process takes place, we are hiring boots from local ski shops in the resort which is included in the supplement price.


Like small skis, snowblades are sold as a fun alternative to skis. Ask any medical professional in resort and they’ll make it sound less fun as the length of them is enough to put high amounts of twisting force on your knees. On skis, the toe will rotate out of the binding and reduce the risk of injury to your knee while on blades, the non-release binding makes your knee vulnerable. Accordingly, we don’t stock any snowblades and don’t encourage their use in lessons as we find they lack the flexibility to go into variable, bumpy or off piste terrain, can’t keep up with skiers on flatter sections and encourage poor technique meaning less control and more chance of collisions and accidents. If you want to bring some or hire some, then you are free to do so, but please be aware of the risks first!


Helmets are increasingly used by all users of the slopes, but as yet they aren’t mandatory except in some Italian resorts and are not a condition of insurance cover. We recommend that if you are worried about the risk of head injury then renting or buying a helmet is advisable, particularly for younger children. We don’t stock helmets for hire, as they need a high level of care (like not bumping or scraping them) to make sure they’ll do the job when required, which is why we leave it to your judgement to decide whether to wear one.   If you are bringing a helment then we must insist that it must be packed within your luggage, filled with small items and surrounded by soft clothing!

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